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Marble quarries

Egypt is known for its marble quarries. One of the largest quarries in Egypt is the Golden Horse Quarry which is the largest Galala marble quarry in that region and one of the biggest quarries of any kind in Egypt. It has the distinction of being Golden Horse’s first quarry, plus the one with the largest capacity. Opened in 1987, approximately 50.000 tons of block marble are extracted from Golden Horse Quarry every year.

Marble packaging

Marble packaging can come in different forms. For example, marble tiles are packaged into strong crates made out of wooden planks that are joined together to form a hollow, box-like structure.
Another type of packaging is polyvinyl packaging which was used by a number of marble manufacturers starting from the late 1940.

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The marble industry in Egypt can be a promising sector if it is properly organized.

The market structure, behavior and performance are analyzed including the degree of differentiation, the nature of competition, barriers to entry, and necessary regulations.

At present, the marble industry can be described in Egypt describes it as a monopolistic competition industry, where products have a high degree of differentiation and there are relatively small barriers to entry.

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